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Widok z Cieńkowa Niżniego na Cieńków Wyśni

Spring view from Cienków Niżni over Cieńków Wyżni

Amfiteatr im St. Hadyny w Wiśle

Stanislaw Hadyna Amphitheatre in Wisła during the Beskids Culture Week

The town of Wisła lies at the source of Vistula, the queen of Polish rivers. It is a place of exceptional beauty that combines cosiness and quietness with worldliness, tradition and the richness of nature as well as modernity. This 'Pearl of the Beskids' is located in the southern part of Poland, in the heart of the Silesian Beskids, and in the vicinity of the border with the Czech Republic and Slovakia. As the town is surrounded by forests and mountains, it creates a unique panorama.

Wisła is a real inexhaustible source of ideas and leisure opportunities. Each day spent in Wisła provides a guarantee of beautiful and unforgettable views, smiling and friendly people all around, and opportunities for spending your free time in a variety of ways. If you want to enjoy what is definitely worth trying, you are welcome to visit Wisła.

The town is distinguished by its non-typical (as compared to other mountain localities) location in several valleys. Many residential buildings and holiday cottages are situated outside the centre, in the side valleys such as Malinka, Czarne, Gościejów, Partecznik, Głębce, Łabajów, Dziechcinka, Jawornik, and Gahura, as well as on the slopes of the surrounding mountains. You just need to leave the vibrant promenade and the centre of Wisła, and head towards one of the many valleys to find peace and quiet.

For centuries, Wisła has been in isolation. And this created favourable conditions for the preservation of the local dialect, as well as the development of Beskid culture and art passions of highlanders from Wisła. The distinctness of the folklore of the Silesian Beskids manifests itself in buildings, clothing, art, songs and customs of local people. Highlanders have great artistic skills. Hand-made carved tables, benches, chests or even some dishes are true works of folk art. Today, products of local artists can be seen in the "U Niedźwiedzia" Gallery. In the Beskid Museum, there are exhibits relating to the life and work of highlanders, concerning herding, weaving, and woodworking, including agricultural tools, curiosities of male and female folk costumes and examples of folk art.

After a day of intense sightseeing, mountain hiking or bicycle touring, we suggest that you visit one of inns in Wisła, specializing in regional dishes, tempting you with tables laden with food and drink. On the other hand, fans of active leisure can use indoor swimming pools, the largest of which is the Tropicana Water Park at the Gołębiewski Hotel. In winter, as many as twenty ski lifts, including six chairlifts, are waiting for thrill-seekers. We also encourage you to take a sleigh ride or a wagon ride with torches through the valleys of Biała Wisełka or Gościejów.

Wisła is the hometown of Adam Małysz, the best Polish ski jumper of the 21st century. It is a popular travel destination both in summer and winter. Sports facilities in Wisła are locations for sports competitions of the highest rank. Summer and winter World Cup ski jumping competitions are held at the ski jump in Wisła Malinka and cross-country ski trails of Kubalonka are among the best ones in Poland. Wisła is also a place of the greatest cultural and entertainment events. It is where the Run for New Life takes place, which is a great social initiative promoting Polish transplantation medicine. It is also the venue of the largest folk festival in Europe – the Beskids Culture Week, of a cycle of summer and winter retro-style events, which attract numerous fans, and of "Wiślaczek Country" – an international event for fans of folk music.

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 We invite you to visit Wisła not only during the festival of folklore – the Beskids Culture Week. We hope that your stay here will meet your expectations and will encourage you to return to the Beskid Region.

All information about the town of Wisła and the calendar of events is available at www.wisla.pl.

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